Despite their festive line of work, commercial Christmas light decorators have no shortage of horror stories. Cracked lights, shorted-out strings, and entire displays going out on Christmas Eve are all common tales among industry professionals. “Our customers deserve better than that,” says founder and CEO Kim Pedersen. To address these potential problems, the Internet retailer has recently completed a series of unprecedented steps to ensure the quality of this season’s Christmas light inventory.

For the past year, buyers traveled the country to trade shows and Christmas light demonstrations. They saw plenty of new products, and listened as manufacturers made bold claims. However, claims were not enough. If the manufacturers could not satisfactorily demonstrate their product, the buyers passed them over for manufacturers who could. In many cases, the lighting retailer elected to forgo established products altogether and send their own specifications to manufacturers for custom production of products like LED light strings and LED replacement bulbs.

This yearlong vetting process, representatives believe, has resulted in the company’s most reliable and consistent line of Christmas lights and decorations ever. Nevertheless, to approve of a prototype is one thing; to approve of the actual production model is another. Regardless of whether the lights were manufactured as part of the manufacturer’s existing catalog or made to custom specifications, used an independent company to test the lights at factories and send the results of their tests back to the corporate office. If any product fell short of expectations, they were scrapped and re-manufactured before being shipped to the company’s Garland, Texas warehouse.

The new products are now in inventory, and representatives expect the spec-grade Christmas products to last well into the holiday season. Nevertheless, they still recommend contractors and homeowners buy Christmas lights early to avoid any compatibility issues arising from pieced-together lighting displays later in the season. The award-winning website now lists everything from incandescent mini lights to artificial Christmas trees at limited-time competitive pricing, and the company’s professionally-trained sales staff is on call to assist customers with large orders and the setup of more intricate Christmas light displays.

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