Christmas decorations are a true staple of the holiday season, positioned side by side with the Christmas tree. But many times we post so many pictures of awesome Christmas trees and lighted houses, that we fail to honor the beloved craft of the gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses are edible Christmas decorations that are painstaking to create and an absolute pleasure to behold. The skill that is used in creating gingerbread houses is not bestowed upon just anyone, and often gingerbread houses become the main focal point of a home. Kids love to imagine eating the candied walkways and windows, and adults admire the talent and time, reminiscing childhood storybook memories.

To find a gingerbread house recipe, simply search online or open any holiday recipe book. Days, sometimes weeks of work, get put into the most impressive gingerbread houses of the season. Below are some of the gingerbread houses we tip our hat to. These are gingerbread houses with Christmas decorations!