Posted by admin at August 22nd, 2012

What makes my Company different, then your average Christmas Company? First, my company offers a 2 to 3 year guarante on all lights purchased from my company. Second, is that fact that my company storages the lights for as long as your a cutomer, at no additiona charge. Third, removal is included at no additional price. Fourth our prices are very afforadable. We work with all budgets for every family or businesses. And last, My company offers the best customer service to every customer. Weather you spend a $100.00 or $3000.00, we treat every customer that same, with respect honor and interigity.

The next time your thinking about calling a company for Christmas Lights, try Zoros Christmas Lights at 248 408 6393. Ask for Martin or visit the website at Also, Call other company to see the difference and get other estimates. My company prides at working to be #1 each year. Because without customers, no business will ever suceed.